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Runner Plus Website

I went on a run with my nike+ kit on Sunday, and my goal was a new fastest mile time. I checked my lap times, I started at 0.5 mile and at 1.5 miles I knew for a fact that I had broken past that 10:30 best mile time that I've had withstanding for ages.

You can imagine my disappointment when I didn't get a message from Lance Armstrong, or even Tiger Woods, telling me how awesome I am. *sigh*

So I went looking for an answer on the nike plus site tonight. Apparently if you're racing for a fastest time -- the nike plus website only counts your first portion of the run -- if you're going for a fastest 1 mile, it'll only count the first mile of your workout. And since I've been warming up like a good girl before I go for my runs and setting my own-zone on my HRM, my first mile of my workout is walking.

Anyway, as I was looking for an answer in the forums, someone had a post pointed me in the direction of Runner+.

I'm in love.

Runner plus shows you each of your whole mile laptimes (green dots) and also the set times between each click of the center button on your ipod (blue dots). There's also orange dots for your power song. Each of the dots tell you how long it's been since another dot of the same color.

In my case, I was smart enough to click the button when I started my run at .5 mile. My data at 1.5 miles looked like this:

Which means... my mile time for that mile was 9:33 (okay, so it was .97 miles, but considering my speed picked up immediately after that, I reckon it was probably pretty close - and either way it would have been faster than 10:30!)

I'm happy, and I'm also really quite happy that I can see my data. I'm a data freak. And I also now know that if I want to test out my speed in the middle of a workout, I can - and having the ability to see my lap times is AWESOME!

I'm not so happy that the nike plus site doesn't show this info like I thought it did, but at least I know now that if I want my data to count for any of the "fastest" challenges, I have to start my workout when I start my run and can't have my warmup included in with it.

I encourage anyone that's interested in seeing more info about their runs to check it out! All you have to do is sign up, get the confirmation email (and go change your password) - then go to the control panel and find the button that says sync my runs. Enter your Nike Plus info - you can set it to auto-sync at a specific time of the day. Or you can download the widget that'll do the same thing when you ask it to. It's a pretty neat little site!!


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