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Day-To-Day Health

Exercise, Diet and Health Challenges, Tips and Conversations

Day By Day - Exercise and Weight Loss
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Support for making daily healthy choices in exercise and eating habits
***Most posts in this community are restricted to members only. Please join to ensure you're able to see the posts as they roll in!***

Check out these memorable posts for more information before continuing! These links contain important information about some of the products referenced in this community as well as a place for you to answer some basic questions about your user information for the sites if you are a member! Don't miss these!!

Nike Plus Info & Member Details - TDP/The Daily Plate/Livestrong Info & Member Details

This community is a place for people to share in their day-to-day triumphs and woes of working towards a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, frequently there will be yearly, monthy, weekly or single day invite-only challenges for the nike plus website will be presented to members. And we'll also post frequent challenges for thedailyplate.com (also available at livestrong.com)

You don't have to be a nike plus or thedailyplate/livestrong.com member to participate in the challenges! Just post your results in the community as you achieve them or when we post asking for who has completed their goals!!

In this community we do not:
These actions may result in your posting access or membership being deleted
Post advertising other communities
Post advertising unrelated websites
Use profane language
Belittle someone elses efforts
Provide criticism without it being asked for
Encourage eating or other disorders

In this community we do:
Encourage one-another on this difficult path we're on
Share recipes (mostly healthy)
Share hard-times
Share triumphs
Share nikeplus challenges
Share nikeplus goals
Share TDP challenges
Share TDP goals
Provide constructive criticism when asked
Post relevant articles
Post relevant questions/answers
And much, much more!

The community is currently moderated and owned by bambier (bambier at gmail dot com). Please contact her with any questions or concerns. As time goes by, if it's needed more moderators will be added and volunteers will be enlisted to help with different portions of the challenges, etc.