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Nike Plus

First, some information for those who need to know what Nike Plus is and why the rest of us are all raving about it!

Nike Plus Basic Info:

Nike and Apple worked together to create an innovative product to help motivate those of us who run/walk. This product, is not free though - so make sure you're aware that this will be an investment. For me, knowing that I was spending money on it helped motivate me more than anything else, and for my $100 investment, I have no regrets.

There are a few things that you'll need:

1. Nike Plus Enabled Shoes -- as you're shopping for these, they'll be the ones that have the plus sign on them - Finish Line has the best selection that I've seen. If you're looking for a cheapdeal, I'd suggest looking on finishline.com and ordering online. (I tried mine on in store and then bought them online for a savings of over 50%!!

Side note (thanks pididdle!!): I just want to say that it isn't necessa ry for you to have a pair of Nike+ running shoes. I bought a little pouch for the foot sensor that ties to the laces of my shoe (I think it was around $6 on amazon.com). Just an FYI for anyone out there who already has a great pair of running shoes and still wants the benefit of the Nike+.

2. A Nike Plus Kit - This is where it gets tricky. You have two options.

A) An I-Pod Nano and a $30 Nike Plus Kit
B) A Nike Plus Sportband (last glance these were around $80 I think?)

Personally - I have the nano. It was a chance for me to upgrade the one I already had, and it's a lot smaller/lightweight for running anyway. The big difference between the nano and the sport-band is the audible feedback. When you use the nano, a voice will come on as you get closer to your workout goal, letting you know how much distance/time/calories are left until you hit your goal. There are other differences, and if you're considering the sportband I'd do a few searches online to make sure it'll do what you'd like it to do before purchasing it!

Please note that this is an I-Pod Nano. It will not work with a normal Ipod.

Once you've invested in all the gear--it's as simple as putting everything together, hitting a few buttons to sync it all up, and then walking (or running) to your hearts content. After each run, you can sync your device and see a graphical representation of your graph. You can set goals on the nike-plus site, you can participate in challenges... it's a world of fun!

If you would like more information on how this works, I'd highly suggest checking out the demo on the nike plus website.

For those of us that already have nike-plus accounts - please answer the following questions. If your information changes at any point in time (your skill level should definitely increase in time!!), please just reply to this post again with a new comment and we'll update your file!!

1. What is your Nike Plus username?

2. Do you want to automatically be invited to challenges set up or approved by the moderators?

3. Do you want your information added to a list of nike-plus members interested in challenges from other group members that will be made accessible to other members of this group?

4. What is your experience level on the following scale
Level I:
1A - Walking Only - 16:00+ miles
1B - Just starting to jog, but mostly walking - 14:00+ miles
1C - Able to jog some some distances - 11:00+ miles
Level II:
2A - 9:00+ miles for short runs
2B - 9:00+ miles for distances
2C - 8:00+ miles for short runs
2D - 8:00+ miles for distances
Level III:
3A - 7:00+ miles for short runs
3B - 7:00+ miles for distances
3C - 6:00+ miles for short runs
3D - 6:00+ miles for distances
3E - Anything faster than 6:00 miles

Extra info: If you're unsure about your username - you can provide your email address. The provided scale will be used to determine overall skill level of the community. You may still be invited to challenges that are out of your normal skill ranges. If you'd rather provide any of this information privately, please feel free to email the moderator - bambier at gmail dot com. Please use "Nike Plus Info For Challenges" as the subject line. Comments to this entry will be screened and only visible by moderators of the community.



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Aug. 25th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)
Nike+ shoes
I just want to say that it isn't necessary for you to have a pair of Nike+ running shoes. I bought a little pouch for the foot sensor that ties to the laces of my shoe (I think it was around $6 on amazon.com).

Just an FYI for anyone out there who already has a great pair of running shoes and still wants the benefit of the Nike+.

My Nike+ username is pididdle and I wouldn't mind being invited to challanges. I am a level 1C/2A. I walk generally at 15-15:30 min/mi and my short distances for jogging/running fall in the 9-10 min/mile range.
Aug. 26th, 2008 06:43 am (UTC)
Re: Nike+ shoes
Thanks ma'am! I updated the info :) I'd completely forgotten that those pouches existed!!

I soooo long for the day that I can finish a mile in 9-10. I'm still being excited about my one 10:30 mile!! :-P
Aug. 26th, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Nike+ shoes
Well, I've never actually done a whole mile :p I'm in the quarter mile range right now at that pace. I find that trying to go slower is worse on my knees....I need to find a way around that so I can build up my endurance.
Sep. 12th, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Yay, I finally got my Nike+ :D

My username is Ranka, I'd love to be invited to any and all challenges, and my skill level is 1A/B.
(Deleted comment)
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