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This week, my diet has gone down the shitter to be polite. The 5 a day task has been totally abandonned simply because there's not a single piece of fruit or veg in my house. So i've just got to try harder, and that's not particularly easy, given what's going on these days for me.


I have a feeling i've put on a bit of weight, and i'm already feeling absolutely crap, ugly, and more like shamu the whale than ever, so gaining weight will not help things what so ever.

I had to explain to Col that because he can eat anything and everything whenever he wants that he has to be more sympathetic to my diet, and the fact that offering me a pot noodle for lunch - is NOT a good thing. That just because there's no fruit/veg in the house and he can still find stuff to eat, doesn't mean that I can. And when I say we need to shop first thing when we get up, it doesn't mean, we need to shop later that day or the day after, it means first thing, because I can't be surrounded by bad food and expect not to eat it when there's nothing else to eat!

It's a life change, not just a fad diet in passing, it can't be, it has to be permanent. I'm unhappy with myself, and I want to change myself and make me like myself more, and although he thinks i'm beautiful just how I am, I don't, and I need his help to make this as easy on me as I can.



I had a late lunch, by late, I mean like 3.30pm! *sigh* I had already said that dinner tonight will be chicken skewers (chicken that I'm tempted to coat with breadcrumbs, peppers, onion, mushrooms, maybe some pineapple) on a bed of rice, and i'll have (hopefully) basted the skewers in a sauce (brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, garlic, sweet chilli sauce), but I dunno if we'll be hungry enough for that...I'll probably make them anyways...

Next week will be a better week, it has to be...right?



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Sep. 6th, 2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Hopefully the message got through clear to himself...

And if nothing else, we'll work on you in Houston and I'll put him in line too -- cause if he so much as TRIES to get me to eat something naughty I'll smear it in his face. :-P Maybe. Or maybe I'll just calmly and quietly explain that if he were aaron I'd have smacked him...

I'm sure he just doesn't realize how what he's doing affects you... and hopefully if you keep telling and showing him he'll understand...

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